Constitution of the New York State Basketball Officials Association, Inc.

IAABO State Board # 19



The name of the association shall be the NEW YORK STATE BASKETBALL OFFICIALS, INC., hereafter referred to as “the Association” or “NYSBO”.



The purpose of the Association shall be:

            To unite the representatives of the IAABO member boards in New York State.

            To promote uniformity, the rules, and officiating mechanics of basketball.

            To provide annual registration of IAABO certified officials with the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) and the International Association                    of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO).

            To enter into agreement with NYSPHSAA to provide basketball officials for interscholastic games and provide for the settlement of disputes.

            To distribute officiating materials from IAABO, NYSPHSAA and the National Federation.

            To create an atmosphere for member boards to present common goals on issues common to all boards.

            To observe the interests of basketball within the state and render observations, recommendations and/or decisions on any matters referred to NYSBO by individual                              members, district or local boards.



Section 1.  ELIGIBILITY.  All chartered IAABO District or Local Area boards within the territory of New York State must affiliate with NYSBO.


Section 2. REPRESENTATION.  NYSBO shall consist of one (1) representative from each member board in good standing.  Each delegate present shall have one (1) vote plus one (1) vote for each fifty (50) members with a maximum of four (4) votes in all voting except elections or discipline.  The vote of the majority of eligible votes cast at any legal meeting shall prevail.


Section 3.  DISCIPLINE.  Any individual member or chartered board in violation of the NYSBO Constitution, policies or decisions shall be subject to disciplinary action as determined by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the delegates present at a NYSBO meeting.  All notification to be by registered mail / return receipt requested.


Section 4.  APPEALS.  Appeals to the decisions of NYSBO must be made in writing and sent to the Executive Director by registered mail within thirty (30) days of notification.  NYSBO will within thirty (30) days act on all appeals.  A two-thirds (2/3) vote will be required on all final decisions.


Section 5.  MAIL VOTE.  Mail and/or e-mail votes on disciplinary action and/or appeals may be granted when requested, providing all proper notification has been met.





Section 1.  The officers of this Association shall be the President, President-elect, Vice President, Rules Interpreter and the Executive Director, each of whom shall be elected for a term of two years.  Each of these officers shall be elected to one two-year term but the Rules Interpreter and the Executive Director may be reelected without limitation.  All persons elected must be a member in good standing with an IAABO Board and this Association.


Section 2.  The succession from President-elect to President shall be automatic.


Section 3.  Prior to the Annual Spring Meeting in the even years, the President shall appoint a nominating committee and a chairperson of at least five (5) members whose responsibility shall be to present nomination for each elected office. Prior to the Annual Fall Meeting in the odd years, the President shall appoint a nominating committee and a chairperson of at least five (5) members whose responsibility shall be to present nomination for Rules Interpreter.  Committee selection shall be in such a manner as to ensure geographic representation statewide.  In addition to nominations selected by the committee, nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the meeting.


Section 4.  Boards not represented at the Meeting will not be allowed to have any of its members elected to any office.


Section 5.  Election to all offices shall be by ballot.  A majority vote of the delegates present shall be necessary to elect.  Each member board shall have one (1) vote.


Section 6.  Members considering office in NYSBO, IAABO Bd.#19 shall submit their names to the chairperson of the nominating committee at least sixty (60) days before the Annual Spring or Fall Meeting to be considered by the committee.


Section 7.  Members considering office in IAABO shall use the same time frame in Section 6, to receive support from this Association.



The Executive Committee of this Association shall consist of the Officers, the immediate Past President, the IAABO Executive Committee (Director) for Region 1 - State of New York, and two members not residing in the same NYSPHSAA section and/or geographical area as the Officers and Past President.  New York City boards are reserved one committee seat.



Section 1.  To each Member Board is reserved the right to set up its own Constitution and By-laws, provided such provisions are consistent with the Constitution and By-laws of NYSBO and IAABO.


Section 2.  Each Member Board shall submit to the Executive Director the following information and dues before April 15th of each year.  (1) Annual Dues,  (2) one copy of the IAABO Registration Cover Sheet showing all the information required by IAABO,  (3) Two copies (2) of the NYSPHSAA registration cover sheet and Two (2) copies of IAABO Bd. Members who have made the required NYSPHSAA five (5) point program for each Section the board services as per this Association contract with NYSPHSAA.  Names of voting delegates and any other information requested.  New York City Boards 37, 42, 119 and 185 are required to submit items (1), (2) and one copy (1) of IAABO Boards. Members list.


Section 3.  The membership of each Board shall take a annual examination as is required by the IAABO Constitution and/or NYSPHSAA, Inc.



Section 1.  There shall be two (2) meetings annually; one in the Spring and one in the Fall of each year.  The President shall set the time and place of each meeting.


Section 2.  An Executive Committee meeting shall be held prior to each meeting.


Section 3.  Special Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee.



A quorum to transact association business at any meeting shall consist of the legal representatives in attendance at any meeting that has proper notification in accordance with NYSBO Constitution and By-laws.  A majority vote of the representatives present shall be necessary to approve any matters except where otherwise stated in the Constitution.



Section 1.  This Constitution can be amended at any special or annual meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board delegates present, provided that such amendments must be in the hands of the member Boards at least 14 days prior to such a meeting.


Section 2.  The Executive Committee may, at any time, request the Executive Director to have member Boards vote by mail and/or e-mail, providing all conditions as to proper notification has been met.


Section 3.  Any Member Board may propose an amendment to the Constitution by submitting to the Executive Director sufficient copies for the Executive Committee and the member boards of the proposed change at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual (Spring) meeting.  Such amendments must also be submitted to the member boards as indicated in Section 1, Article IX.



Section 1.  The Officers of this Association shall assume their duties following their election or appointment until new officers are elected.


Section 2.  The President shall preside over all regular and special meeting of the Association and Executive Committee.  He or she shall appoint all committees unless otherwise specified and supervise same and to be a member of all committees ex-officio.


Section 3.  In the absence of the President, the President-elect shall assume the duties of that office.


Section 4.  In the absence of the President-elect, the Vice President shall assume the duties of that office.


Section 5.  Executive Director shall maintain the records, carry on the correspondence and keep the Executive Committee informed at all times.  He or She shall be the Treasurer, keeping a record of all moneys received and spent, creating a written record of same to present to the body at the Annual Spring Meeting.  He or she shall favorably promote NYSBO in its public relations, and see that communications between the Member Boards, NYSPHSAA,  INC. and IAABO are promptly resolved, and that membership lists are accurate and have met the date for transmission.  Notify each Board Secretary at least thirty (30) days in advance of any meeting of the Association as to the time, date, location of such meeting.


Section 6.  The Rules Interpreter shall be responsible for official rules interpretations for New York State Boys Basketball.  When necessary, he/she will contact the necessary individuals and organizations to obtain or disseminate information.


Section 7.  Executive Committee shall perform the following duties:


            a.  Provide for the filling of any office which may become vacant between meetings.


            b.  To act in any situation not covered by the provisions of this Constitution and/or By-laws.


            c.  To arrange for the annual audit of the Executive Director’s financial records.


d.  To act on any appeals which may be made by any Individual Board Member who has been disciplined by his or her own board after an appeal of ruling has been first made to his or her board.  An appeal to the Executive Committee must be accompanied by a Certified Check in the amount calculated by the Executive Director to cover anticipated expense, with a $250.00 minimum, made out to IAABO BD#19.  Should the appeal be denied, the member will be responsible for all additional expenses incurred by NYSBO.  If the appeal is sustained, the check amount will be returned to the member and his or her board must pay all expenses incurred.  All appeals must be sent to the Office of the Executive Director.


AMENDED – 09-08-2012 (Article III Section 2 – Article III Section 4, Secretary to Director in all cases – Article X Section 7c)



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